Equipment Maintenance Log for Excel

To utilize equipment to the fullest over its life it is essential to maintain it regularly. When equipment is used by an organization its condition may deteriorate, however, if it is properly maintained, the condition, as well as the value of the equipment can be preserved at least over the equipment’s life. Nevertheless, the maintenance needs to be done rightly and timely. When an organization owns several types of equipment it becomes difficult to remember the maintenance details of each type of equipment. To help the organization be aware of any upcoming and required due maintenance, and equipment maintenance log is kept.

What is an equipment maintenance log?

An equipment maintenance log is a spreadsheet that maintains a record and keeps track of the relevant information with respect to the maintenance of the equipment. In it, the individual details of all the equipment in use are maintained and their maintenance status is updated from time to time. It not only offers a checklist of the required maintenance activities but also highlights and makes the management aware of the upcoming and due maintenance work.

What are the advantages of an equipment maintenance log?

Keeping a record in the maintenance log is linked to many benefits. These include:

  • Aids in improved management.

As this spreadsheet tracks a record of all the maintenance activities, the management of the equipment maintenance becomes better. In addition, listing all the details ensures no important maintenance activity is missed out.

  • Timely maintenance.

All the maintenance work can be carried out in a timely manner if the management is well-aware of the due dates. This log helps in making the management updated about the due time of all the required maintenance tasks.

  • Accidents can be avoided.

If the equipment is well maintained, the chances of accidents become few. It can help in saving the lives of the workers and the money of the organization. The log can help in keeping the maintenance on track.

  • Aids in avoiding production of faulty goods/products or providing ineffective services.

The production equipment may not work well if the required maintenance tasks have not been completed on time. The faulty products or improper provision of services would cost the organization money, which can be evaded by using this log.

  • Monetary value can be maintained.

If equipment is maintained properly its worth would not fall quickly. When an organization wants to sell it off it can gain a good selling price.

  • Provides maintenance history.

It provides the maintenance history of each piece of equipment separately which can be used for the calculation of the equipment’s value and depreciation.

What are the main components of an equipment maintenance log?

The components of this log can vary as per the requirements. However, generally, the following details are included in such logs:

  • Serial number.
  • Date of the data update.
  • Equipment name and description, including model number.
  • Warranty left.
  • Instructions in the manual.
  • Type of the maintenance required.
  • Date of the last maintenance.
  • Date of the next due maintenance.
  • Remarks, if any.
  • Signature of the person preparing the log.
  • Signature of the authorized person.
Equipment maintenance log