Parent Teacher Communication Log

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Teachers are one of the most important professions and role players in the society. They are the ones that train and educate the next generation. The way the children think and react is very easily influenced by the teachers.

When kids are little their brains are in a growing phase and hence need more attention. They are receptive to all kinds to information in a very proactive manner. Schools and educational institutions are the places where they spend most of their time and early years. The teachers are the foremost person whom the children interact with after their parents and other close relatives. Sometimes the children get so much inspired by the teachers that they start to believe them with blind trust. This is where the responsibility lies with the teachers to guide and lead the children towards a positive direction.

Teaching is a very difficult profession that requires a lot of hard work. For this purpose, the teachers not only need to be educated but also professionally trained for teaching. A lot of burden lies on the teachers shoulder. They have a lot of responsibilities to focus on. One of these responsibilities is to interact and communicate with the parents of the children. But each teacher has a lot of children to cater to. Therefore there is a need for a Teacher Parent Communication Log Template. This is a very useful and effective document. The parent teacher communication log  keeps a record of all the communication made between the teachers and parents of the school children.


Parent Teacher Communication LogTeacher Parent Communication Log

Provided by: ENERGY corp.

This is a unique communication log template prepared for teachers and schools. This is designed using MS Excel. It is accompanied by all key features that will facilitate you preparing a good record of communication between parents and teachers.

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