Parent Teacher Communication Log

Parents are responsible for bringing a child into this world and teaching them basic manners which help them survive and make decisions about their life. Teachers have a rather difficult role in shaping a child’s brain to achieve certain goals. Teachers help children imagine the world from their viewpoint and provide them with tools to make it a better place for living.

Parent and teacher communication logs refer to the document shared among both entities to discuss the learning and behavioral progress of a child. It does not only discuss a child’s actions but also shares their concerns and what steps should be taken to help.

Children spend their earlier life either at school or at home therefore, it is important for authoritative entities to share their concerns and views with each other so that problematic behavior and other issues can be tackled at an early stage. It provides room for both parties to come up with strategies that are best suited for a child’s situation.

Maintaining a log…

Communication log can either be maintained either as a hard copy i.e., notebook or diary or it can be recorded as a soft copy on electronic devices. Moreover, various applications are available which can be managed by both parties on a daily basis and regular views can be uploaded.

These applications can be updated daily and keep both parties informed about a child’s activity. It helps them to plan how they would react and tackle a hard situation pertaining to the kids. Many educational institutes create a learning management system for every student and upload their results and results of other academic activities so that parents are aware of their academic background.

A log is important…

Parent-teacher communication log is considered significant because of the following reasons,

  • At an educational institute, children interact with other students and teachers therefore, it is necessary to keep a check on their behavior patterns to notice anything out of the ordinary.
  • Parents are responsible for assisting a child to complete their homework whereas, teachers take care of their class activities thus, it is helpful for both parties to share their tips and remarks about the process.
  • Communication between parents and teachers either through an electronic device or at parents’ teacher meeting help in creating an environment of understanding and cooperation.
  • Communication logs help teachers to know about a child’s progress and respond accordingly. It helps them to know where a kid is failing and what kind of assistance can be provided to increase their confidence.
  • It is easier to maintain a communication log because it helps both parties to mitigate what concerns them and take immediate action.
  • All the communication can be saved for future assistance and avoid replication f already discussed topics.
  • Using electronic assistance removes the pressure of physical meetings and other pleasantries.

What to include…

Contents of parent-teacher communication log differ from one child to another and may include the following traits of a child,

  • Academic record
  • Behavior pattern
  • Non-academic participation
  • Uniform & cleanliness check
  • Follow discipline.
  • Participation in fights

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Parent Teacher Communication Log

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