Offline Issues Log Template

An issues log is a document used to track and handle problems that develop during a project or program. A project manager faces many difficulties that can influence the project during its lifecycle.

An issue log is a critical project document that assists the project manager in dealing with these problems. Its objective is to guarantee that all issues are detected, recorded, and monitored consistently and efficiently. This enables project managers and other stakeholders to identify and prioritize concerns quickly, as well as take appropriate action to resolve them.

The issues logged in an issue log can be technical issues like bugs or compatibility issues with different systems or devices. Delays in the schedule or missed deadlines can also be categorized as issues that are logged. Quality control issues like defects or noncompliance with standards and regulations. Similarly, issues like lack of resources, such as funding or manpower, problems with communication, or misunderstandings among team members or stakeholders, then affect the overall project lifecycle.

Contents of the log

An issue log is frequently used in conjunction with other project management tools such as a risk register or a change log to serve as a central location for documenting, tracking, and resolving concerns. An issues log can also be used to keep track of the status of issues and offer regular updates on their resolution.

It typically includes the following information:

  • A unique identifier for each issue.
  • A concise statement of the issue.
  • The date the issue was identified.
  • The status of the issue (e.g., open, closed, active).
  • The priority detail of the issue.
  • The person who reported the issue.
  • The person or team responsible for resolving the issue.
  • Any relevant documentation or supporting information.
  • A record of actions taken to resolve the issue.
  • The date the issue was resolved.

Significance of the worksheet

A spreadsheet, a database, or specialized project management software can be used to construct and maintain an issues log. It is critical that the tool utilized be freely accessible to all key stakeholders and that it can be updated and shared. Updated tools are also key in maintaining issue logs for a long period as modern technologies offer better logging and feedback systems.

A project team can raise and document issues by keeping an issue log, ensuring that they are examined and resolved swiftly and effectively. As a result, the team will be able to complete the project on time and under budget.

The project manager or another designated person should review, and update the issues log regularly to verify that all issues are properly managed and resolved. To guarantee that all issues are captured in the log, it is also imperative to develop appropriate procedures for recognizing, recording, and reporting issues. This also increases coordination and collaboration among team members regarding issues, which then helps in resolving these issues in a more organized way.


In conclusion, an issues log is an essential tool in project management to manage and address issues. It enables effective tracking of issues and gives regular updates on the progress of resolving them, keeping all stakeholders aware of the project’s status, and reducing vulnerability by helping shape future decision-making regarding issues.

Maintaining an issues log allows project managers and teams to be more effective in recognizing and resolving problems, eventually increasing the project’s chances of success.

Issues Log Template

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