Vehicle Logbook Template

A logbook is defined as a document that keeps records of any activity. There are various formats of maintaining a logbook depending on the activity under consideration and the requirements of the concerned individual. It is a preferred method of keeping records because of its systematic nature which helps to navigate a particular entry in less time. Its organized manner makes it a more likable and preferable method.

A vehicle logbook is used for maintaining records about a particular vehicle. It may be used by an individual to keep a track of petroleum expenditure or it can also be used by companies who provide rental car services. Moreover, many businesses provide fuel payments to their employees, so they keep a record of their movement and the fuel required. Thus, maintaining a logbook is very crucial in every aspect of vehicle maintenance.


The vehicle log is composed of two or more columns where each column represents an activity or item that is required to be known for every trip of the vehicle. All the columns are assigned a particular category which can be filled after every time the vehicle is used.

For maintaining a vehicle logbook for reimbursement or tax deduction, it is crucial to include the following information in your vehicle logbook,

  • Date of each trip
  • Starting time of the trip
  • Ending time
  • Initial reading on the odometer
  • The final reading on the odometer
  • The time period of the entire logbook
  • Initial and final odometer reading during the recording period
  • Reason for every trip
  • Total number of miles/km traveled during the period

A template of the vehicle logbook, which can be used again and again is given below.

Vehicle Logbook Template

Date: __/__/__.                 Time period: ……………..    

Initial Odometer reading: ……………

Final Odometer reading: ………………

Total miles traveled: ………………….

Managed by: ……………………

Vehicle Registration number: ………………

Date of travelStarting timeEnding timeInitial odometer readingFinal odometer readingMiles coveredReason for trip

Above mentioned logbook template provides trip details about a single vehicle, but logbooks can be managed to provide organized data about more than one vehicle i.e. vehicle data of every employee at the company.


Vehicle logbooks can either be maintained on paper because readymade books are available at different stores and can be used easily. These logbooks can be maintained for a year or more because of the options provided. It can be used by adding required information in a systematic manner because they have already added concerned columns which are then filled manually and calculated at the end of a specific time period i.e., month, year, week, etc.

Moreover, the internet provides a variety of templates for vehicle logbooks which are already prepared with designated columns and can be used easily. These templates can be managed on any electronic device i.e., a computer or mobile phone. These templates are column-based therefore, they are mostly made in MS Excel.

Editable format

Furthermore, it is easy to customize the vehicle book because it gives the opportunity to add all the information which is relevant to the company or personal benefit. Once a template of the logbook is made, it can be used again and again.

Logbooks are considered significant because of the information they provide on a single piece of paper. Therefore, it is used extensively in every field of life and makes data organization an easy task.

Important points

Some of the important points associated with vehicle logbooks are given below,

  • It is easily manageable and can be done by any employee or worker.
  • It can be maintained manually or in soft copy as it suits the person managing it.
  • A lot of data can be organized on a single paper which makes it more likable because a person does not need to refer to multiple notes for finding information.
  • It can be scaled up for providing information about more vehicles.
  • These log books are considered official documents at the workplace so they can be submitted to higher administration for reimbursement.
  • The vehicle logbook can be altered to include information about the fuel used and the price of the fuel.

All these points make the use of the vehicle logbook easy and likable. Maintaining logbooks is a very old strategy for storing valuable information.

Vehicle logbook template