Introduction Email to Client Template

Businesses sometimes have to grab clients with certain business techniques. An introduction email to a client is one such technique that helps businesses grow clients. In an introductory email, a business owner introduces his project, the product of whatever deal he is presenting to the recipient in order to convince him about their business and its deals.

Note that introduction emails are sometimes written to business tycoons, partners, or contractors that one knows already. In this case, because they already know about your business, the introduction is about a certain product or project. When the introduction email is written in order to introduce yourself and your business from the bottom line, it is a little different.

Don’t forget that Introduction emails are promotional tools. They can work in two ways either for you or against you: either to boost your business or to flop it. This is why introduction emails should be written in the utmost professional way with all the necessary elements included.

A good introduction email has the following format;

  • Address the recipient using business letter format formally.
  • Introduce yourself at the very first so that the person may know you
  • Specify how you know them (worked together, through a client, etc.)
  • Introduce your business or the product to the recipient and your progress briefly
  • Include why you’re introducing your business and product to them. How can you be helpful or how can they be of use to you?
  • Close the letter by thanking the reader for his time and attaching the necessary documents if any

Since the introduction email is an important business document, it should be made sure that it is written as properly and professionally as possible.

Here are a few samples of one such introduction email to the client.



I am Julian, branch manager of ABC Organization and this message solely aims to give you a view of our newly launched products. It is a great pleasure for me to have a detailed talk with you on it and locate ways to pitch in with your enterprise. I am getting in touch with you, and I am communicating with other branch managers too that will assist you in getting the desired outcome. We have the experience of working for more than 50 years with clients. You can visit our official website for further queries. Serving you would be a great honor for us.


Please take this message as an introduction to some alterations we have brought about in our business. I am very excited to introduce them to you. Christopher has been associated with us for more than a decade and during this period he has been of immense help to us. He always extended his support to clients and met their expectations. He has now held the position of area manager and with this, we have opened our extended business to Manchester. He is adept in fitting all the roles and will execute all responsibilities professionally. For more queries, you can contact our focal person. Thank you.


I am Smith Jones and working as directing manager in XYZ Institutes and we are extending our import and export business from this month. You are possessed with mesmerizing abilities and are the epitome of honesty. I have noticed that your business is lacking, and we are here to lend a helping hand to you by taking your business to another level. My recent experience with a renowned organization has assisted them greatly and I will feel passionate to do the same for you. I would love to arrange a meeting with you if you are engrossed and we can discuss the ideas. Do give me a buzz if you are concerned.


Hello Steward, I am Jackson and recently I have started working as an online content writer for ABC Enterprises. I have a specialization in digital marketing and E-browsing, and I have vast experience writing with multiple multinational companies as a content writer. You can avail of my assistance for writing marketing posts, SEO, and email writing. I have come to know that you were in search of a good content writer, and I am here to assist you in all possible ways.


Hope you have been enjoying sound health. I am Sandra Charles, an IT specialist, and have been giving my services as a data analyst at MindBridge Enterprises. I am enthusiastic to provide my services to your establishment and want to see your business getting flourish and profit-making. For any queries, you can contact Mr. Harris and you can visit our office. I hope you will be satisfied working with us.

Introduction Email to Client Template