Statement of Account Worksheet for Business

Companies and businesses lay their foundation on the set of rules and regulations which help them in navigating their sales, attracting & retaining customers, outcomes of profit and loss season, etc. These rules are amended over a short period of time when it is considered necessary to change according to the current situation of the business.

Statement of account refers to the document that keeps a record of transactions between business and customer. It shows a record of all the sales that took place on credit and now it is important to pay for the sale. Businesses maintain a separate statement of account for every customer they deal with. This procedure provides a total work of sales for a particular customer thus, keeping data organized and approachable.

A statement of account sheet refers to the document which keeps all the data related to the statement of account. This sheet is forwarded to a particular customer and shows all the records of sales, due balance, taxation, and other details.

The contents of the worksheet depend upon the data of sales for any client. It usually depicts a clear picture of the entire sales record of a customer company or individual. It also provides complete contact information about business and customers well.

The general contents of a statement sheet are given below,

  • Name of customer
  • Address details
  • Invoiced amount
  • Amount paid
  • Number and record of sales
  • Due balance
  • Name of business
  • Address and contact details

All these details provide a clear picture of all the sales conducted within a given period which not only help customers, but it also helps business o track every sale related to every client.


A sample for a general statement of account and the details that it includes are given below,

Statement of Account

23/09/20XX to 23/09/20XX

Account Summary

Opening balance: $700

Invoice amount: $9000

Payment received: $2000

Balance due: $6300

DateSaleInvoicePaymentBalance due

Total: $[Amount]

All the above-mentioned details provide a clear picture of the statement of account and help customers to know where they fall short and have to pay the business for their services or products.

Format of the worksheet

The format or design of the statement of account sheet is simple yet detailed and organized. It is easily manageable after it has been designed or customized according to the needs of the business it can easily be designed by using appropriate tools in any given application of designing. The whole process requires the addition of columns according to the number of categories.

Moreover, templates for account statement worksheets can also be downloaded from the internet because it provides a wide variety of samples to choose from. These templates may differ based on the categories added to the table. After choosing any template, one can easily edit and make changes according to one’s requirements. All these templates are free of cost which makes it easier to choose multiple for taking ideas.

A statement is also designed by using watermarks or any other design to make it customized according to the demands of the business.

Importance of account statement

The worksheet has proved its importance by providing benefits to both customers as well as business owners. Overall, it has the following excellent points which enhance its significance on so many levels,

  • It is easily manageable by entering a record of each sale at a given time.
  • It is very well organized and helps businesses and customers to track each sale easily.
  • It is user-friendly because it can be altered on demand and can be filled by anyone.
  • It provides a recap to the customer regarding the purchases that they made in terms of services or products.
  • It is proof for both customers and businesses regarding paid bills.
  • A separate statement for every customer makes it easier for businesses to manage finances for every customer.
  • These statements can be customized according to the needs of customers i.e., monthly, yearly or quarterly.
  • Customers can view their spending and the products they receive in a single statement.
  • It helps business owners to differentiate between the payment made and the balance due.
  • Any error or mistake can be tracked easily.
  • Opening balance refers to the excess amount paid while clearing previous dues. This amount would be adjusted along with payments made and deducted from the due balance.

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