Statement of Account Template

Banks maintain various financial records for the purpose of organizing and managing assets and capital. Each and every transaction carried out against an individual account is tracked. Clients can request for an account statement at any time. It consists of a detailed report which represents the contents of an account.

All withdrawals, deposits, debits, and credits are recorded leading up to the total remaining amount. This information is presented in the form of a summary. It is vital for business organizations and helps in managing personal finances.

Banks mail an annual statement of account to every client. It is usually in the form of a printed document. Alternatively, an electronic account statement may also be generated upon request. It helps in maintaining confidentiality.

The statement of account information may vary for different types of accounts. Similarly, the contents of the report for credit card statements are different from a general account statement. In this case, the record provides information about all the purchases made by a particular cardholder during a given time period. It helps in evaluating the charges and billing information.

Reviewing your statement of account on a monthly basis has been recommended by financial experts. A request can be made to the bank to extract this report from their records for a certain time period. It helps in verifying your account activity. This is particularly useful for joint-account holders and business owners. In the case of latter, this information is crucial for tracking accounts payable and accounts receivable transactions. Maintaining this record is essential for ensuring the accuracy of business activities. In addition, it also helps in managing business finances and planning future financial strategies and plans. Companies require their statement of account for keeping a record of invoice payments.

Providing a statement of account is the job of your bank. Printable templates are also available online for use by business owners. This type of account statement provides a summary of sales to clients. It may be used to represent a proof of overdue balances. This exchange of information is between vendors and customers. It serves the purpose of tracking, maintaining and planning business finances.


statement of account

Statement of Account Template

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