Hotel Invoice Template

When you are traveling either local or abroad, then you need to keep a record of the budget you spend on your hotel stay and the services you use while you are staying in a hotel. Especially if you are on an official tour then you need to justify your expenses during the stay. Your company would clear all your payment dues based on an invoice. This is the significance of the hotel invoice for you if you are a customer staying there. But, if you are the business owner of the hotel, then it is far more important for you to keep the record of every customer utilizing hotel services. No matter if your hotel is large or just a small one, keeping record of your earnings and spending is very important too.

Whenever a person checks out of your hotel, he is to be provided with a receipt of the services he availed at your hotel. So your receipt or invoice needs to be detailed. Your business demands that the invoice should be nice and cleanly designed yet appear very professional. Generally a hotel invoice displays the following information:

  • The Logo of the hotel
  • The name of the hotel
  • The complete street address of the Hotel
  • The phone number and the address of the Hotel
  • The date of the issuance of the receipt
  • The Receipt number or ID
  • Name of the customer
  • Billing address of the customer
  • The Name of the sales rep. who made the receipt
  • Room number
  • Charges of the room per day
  • Number of days stayed in the Hotel
  • Check in time and Check out time
  • Name of other services used while staying in the Hotel
  • Charges of these Services
  • Total Amount
  • Discount given if any
  • Grand Total amount
  • Signature and stamp


Hotel invoice

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