Missing Person Poster Template

A missing person poster refers to a notice disseminated when a person goes missing for several days. These posters are published and distributed by family, relatives, or friends to gather information about the missing person if anyone happened to see him or hear from him. Missing person posters are being used since earlier times to let people know about the missing of a particular person without a reason and also make them keep an eye out for them.

These posters are either pasted at various locations within the city or at bus stations for easy identification and dissemination. In this era of technology, missing person posters can also be uploaded on social media to spread the word to a greater reach and thus, expand the search horizon.

Missing person posters are made if someone goes missing for a long period of time without informing anyone. These posters aware people of the whole situation and allow them to share valuable information if they know anything about the disappearance. Because picture display makes it easier to connect with people emotionally so that they would come forward and help with related information if possible.

What to write on the poster?

Contents of missing person posters are similar because their major function is to gather information about locating the missing person through any means possible. Generally mentioned contents on a poster are mentioned below,

  • Name of missing person
  • Age
  • Weight
  • Height
  • Color and type of clothes
  • Any distinct feature in appearance or speech
  • Place of missing
  • Time
  • Name of emergency contact
  • Contact numbers.
  • Social media handles
  • Address

Contents of missing person posters usually provide information about the person and his last known whereabouts so that people can recognize him if they see him in public. Moreover, it also lets people know that they need to contact emergency contacts mentioned on the poster if they hear anything about the missing person.

Posters are important and useful because:

  • Most people with a mental disability or any related issue go missing therefore, posters help people to keep a watch out for such people.
  • Relatives and families of the missing person do everything in their power by spreading the word in hopes of someone seeing the missing person.
  • Sometimes, the elderly also forget their way back home and are considered missing, information mentioned on posters helps passersby to help them in locating their address.
  • Physical descriptions and pictures of the missing person make it possible to recognize the person by everyone.
  • In case of any issues or illegal activity, missing posters can be used as proof that the said person has been missing for since long.

Sample text

Sample of missing person posters is generally similar because its purpose is to convey information so that it reaches the maximum number of people.

A generally used sample of the missing poster is given below:

Name: ………

Age: …………

Weight: ………..         Picture of missing person

Height: ………..

Type of clothes: ………….

Color of clothes: ………….

Place of missing: …………

Time of missing: …………

Posted by: ………….

Contact information: ……

Address: ………

Missing Person Poster Template

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