Statement of Understanding Template

We know that in professional life, documentation is important since most documents work as legal files too. Employees are hired by the employers for work, but the work has to be done with certain conditions, practicing certain precautions and avoiding certain behaviors. These all details are part of a company’s policy and before an employee begins working with the company, he is informed about the policies. In order to make sure that the employee understands the rules and regulations and agrees to abide by them, a statement of understanding is signed. The statement of understanding is, basically, a legal document that ensures that the employee has understood the conditions and will abide by them.

Statement of understanding is important because in certain cases when an employee does not abide by the regulations he might face serious consequences. For examples; Employees working at nuclear plants are advised to wear particular dresses in order to avoid harmful effects of radiations. A worker going against it can face harm and possibly a life loss too. In such cases, where the matter becomes legal, statement of understanding helps the employers to prove their innocence.

Statement of understanding is not a complicated document. It is a simple document that contains the vowed statement of the person undertaking the statement. The statement is followed by the person’s signatures.

Note that statement of understanding is not used only in businesses. It is also a common document in diplomatic relations. Diplomats often sign a statement of understanding while making agreements or signing pacts. Its actual use, however, is in the business sphere. Below is a sample of statement of the understanding template.


Statement of Understanding Template

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