Cash Memo Template

What is cash memo?

The cash memo is such a document which is used by vendors to send the price details of the items purchased by the seller. In other words, the cash memo acts as a bill. The only difference between the bill and cash memo is that it only includes the details about the purchases that are made in the form of cash instead of bank transactions.

Cash memo benefits:

The benefits of cash memo are:

  1. The cash memo records the amount of money paid by the purchaser and hence saves both parties from disputes.
  2. Because it keeps all the record, the vendor or the purchaser does not have to remember each and every detail.
  3. This memo of cash brings both parties on one page.
  4. There are many services that the purchaser may get the purchased item such as after sale services, replacement of the purchased item and a lot more. All these services can only be availed if the purchaser has used the cash memo.

It is the responsibility of the purchaser to ensure that all the service details have been mentioned in the memo by the vendor. If the vendor has not mentioned all those services that he is offering, you can include those services and then sign the memo. The date of the cash transaction, time and total amount that has been paid is some main details of this memo.

It is important to know the reputation of the vendor before purchasing anything from him. If the seller has not been fair in his dealings with you, you can easily claim anything with the help of cash memo since the cash memo is the proof that you have purchased items from the seller. Usually, those sellers are considered trustworthy who not only sells the items but also send a cash memo with all the essential details.

Key components of cash memo template:

  1. The purchase date of the item
  2. Information or description of the purchased products
  3. Cost of sold goods
  4. Name and contact details of the seller and buyer

Template Preview

MS Word cash memo template