Birthday Gift Certificate Templates

A gift certificate is like cash that you pay at the counter to buy something. The birthday gift certificate is for someone who is celebrating his birthday and you want to send them a gift. This gift is like a payment because a certificate also has a worth that is determined by how expensive a gift can be bought with the help of that certificate.

Why is a gift certificate on a birthday used?

Different brands sell vouchers or certificates to their customers which they can send as a gift to someone near or dear to them. These certificates are best to use when you don’t know what kind of gift you should buy for the person and you simply buy a certificate or a voucher so that the recipient can purchase a thing of his choice.

Some brands also share gift certificates for their customers to promote their business. In this situation, these certificates act as a coupon for a discount that is given to customers and they are restricted to using that coupon only on a particular store of that brand. A voucher can be used at a restaurant, a grocery store, a gas station, and many other places.

When is a gift voucher issued?

Usually, brands issue these vouchers when their customer has bought many products and has reached a specific limit of purchasing. To reward the customer, a voucher is given to them. Some brands also sell vouchers that are also known as gift cards. They are for people who want to buy something as a birthday present but don’t know what. They simply send the voucher to the birthday boy or girl so that they can buy the product of their choice.

How to create a birthday present certificate?

If you want to promote your business, you should work on the certificate to make it more attractive. It needs to look professional since you are using it as promotional material. Here are the tips you can follow for creating it:

Add the name and logo of the company:

On the top of the voucher, include the name and logo of the company so it looks like a professional certificate that is affiliated with your brand name.

Name of the recipient:

The person’s name who has been issued the certificate should be mentioned on it so that no other person can claim to buy a product from the shop using that voucher.

Expiry date:

Every voucher or coupon, no matter on which occasion it is occasion has an expiry date after which, it no longer remains functional. This expiry date usually prompts people to buy the product as soon as possible. This date should be mentioned at a prominent place on the gift certificate where it can be read easily.

Terms and conditions for using the voucher:

It is important to let the recipient know about all the terms and conditions before using the certificate because it saves both business and the customer from the dispute. For instance, if a business does not exchange the certificate for cash, it should be mentioned in it so that the customer does not waste his time arguing with the business in returning it and giving the cash against it.

Total value:

There is a price of the certificate that should be mentioned on it. This price shows that a product of this worth can be bought. Although the recipient is not required to pay since it is a gift, it just tells him what product he can buy in this price range.

Design it with your choice:

The design of the voucher does not come with any hard and fast rules. You should use your creativity and preferences in styling it. Since it is issued on the birthday of a recipient, you can use a themed birthday to give it an overall appearance of a birthday voucher. Or you can simply add balloon graphics or party poppers to give a celebratory touch to its overall look.

Downloading a readymade gift certificate and editing it to give a personal touch is another best technique to get access to them with ease.

Birthday Gift Certificate Template