Sales Invoice Excel Format

Invoices are used by every business whenever there is a transaction between two people about the sale of a product. These invoices are tangible proof that a product has been sold out in exchange for money equivalent to the price of that product.

Why is a sales invoice important?

In this time and age, you will hardly find a business that does not use an invoice. This is because of the benefits it comes with. No one can ignore how much peace of mind they feel when they issue an invoice after selling a product. So, people use various software that generates a slip of payment as and when the customer successfully places an order.

One of the main purposes of using an invoice is always to keep a record of the sales as people cannot remember these details. These records can be then retrieved whenever it is needed.

What is the format of the sales record slip?

The format is a structure in which the details are printed on it. These details are for the customer and they should be displayed on the slip in such a way that the customer can locate and read them easily. Businesses that can follow the correct structure give an impression to their customers that they use a professional approach to make business deals.

The use of the correct format while designing a payment slip ensures that you have added all the required details. These details are not important for the customer only. FBR and auditors also collect these details to ensure that a business is paying its tax regularly.

How to format the sales invoice?

These payment documents are extremely important for customers also especially when they have to claim any sort especially when they want to return or exchange a product. Any person who has an invoice can prove that he has bought a product from the store of the invoice issuer.

You should know the correct format so you don’t have to explain to your customers that what you have issued to them is an invoice. Here are some tips for you:

Add your company’s name and logo:

The invoice that you should issue to your customers should include the name and logo of your company because it will help your customers confirm that it is an authentic invoice and that the account details to which they are making the payment are legitimate.

Add other details of the sale:

After reading the invoice, your customer should be able to know the unique invoice number, tax id, and order number to confirm that the invoice belongs to the relevant order. This is needed mostly when the customer has placed multiple orders. It should also mention the date on which the order was placed.

List of products purchased:

The invoice mentions the list of items the seller has purchased. It also mentions the total quantity of each item and also the price per unit. The amount to be paid by the customer for buying every product is also mentioned.

Total amount to be paid:

At the end of the invoice, there should be a section where the total amount to be paid by the customer should be mentioned.

Payment terms:

Every business should mention the payment terms. When the customer pays the amount, it means that he has read those terms and agreed with them. This prevents the seller from facing different types of disputes in the future.

Terms and conditions of the sale:

The customer should know the terms and conditions of buying a product from the seller before he makes the payment. This includes the return and exchange policy of the brand, penalties in case of late payment, interest if payment is made in installments, and lots of other factors. It generally saves the seller from various unpleasant things in the future.

How are templates useful in designing sales invoice formats?

Using the templates is the best way to get a payment slip that looks like a correctly formatted payment document. This helps people use it without putting in extra effort. Those who use the template can correctly format the document.

Sales Invoice Excel Format