Picnic Flyer Templates

Flyers are usually used in order to promote an event organized by an individual or a business. They include the information about the event in an attractive way so that people can feel attraction towards them and feel the urge to attend those events.

People usually like to go on picnics with their friends and family when they want to have their leisure time spent in a tremendous way. Many people find it really hard to organize an event and find a suitable day to go for an outing. When they are told about a pre-set day, they feel stress-free as they don’t have to make any arrangements and can visit the place with their family with ease and comfort.  

What are picnic flyers?

Picnic flyers are also such types of documents that are used for promoting a picnic event. In other words, they advertise the day that has been chosen to enjoy an outdoor meal.

What information is provided in the flyers for the promotion of the outdoor meal?

The flyers usually contain information such as:

Date and time of the event:

The promotional document must provide information regarding the date and time of the event so that people can determine if they will be available. It also enables people to prepare themselves for that day.


Many people enjoy outdoor activities only if they are carried out at their favorite location. For instance, some people like to have a great scenic view while they enjoy their meal and cocktail with their family members. Some look for adventurous things to do.


As a matter of fact, a picnic is not just for having lunch or dinner at some place. They also look for a spot where they can enjoy some other activities also including hiking, boating, skydiving, and whatnot. Picnic flyers must always mention the list of activities people can engage themselves in. If it is a family tour, make sure you do not forget to mention activities for kids in the flyer.

Mentioning the activities is just another way to attract people to the event.


Usually, picnic events don’t have any theme. As they are organized for people with various choices and preferences. However, some organizers add the theme because they want to see the interest of the people in the event.

How does a picnic flyer help people in promoting their event?

Picnic promotional papers are a combination of various design elements and some text. Everything added to these papers is just for capturing the attention of people who are being targeted by this promotional element.

There can be colorful photographs, pictures of delicious food items, descriptions of the scenic view of the chosen location, and some catchy graphical illustrations that help people imagine something beautiful that they can’t see anywhere.

In addition to sharing some very basic information about the event, flyers play a big role in making people find a getaway from their hectic routine before they are back to the regular grind.

How to design a flyer for a picnic event?

If you are someone who wants to capture the attention of target people, you should work on the design as well as the content of the flyer. Here are the tips for you to design ek aisi promotional element for your business:

Don’t forget to add header and footer:

The header and footer are added to the top and bottom of the page respectively. When a person reads a flyer, they know they can find introductive details in the header and some conclusive elements in the footer. This makes it easy for them to read the flyer and comprehend the information it is trying to convey.

Add some attractive graphics:

A flyer doesn’t have to be a bland document full of text and no graphics. Many people don’t even like to read the text and only focus on the pictures. So if you want people to understand the flyer at first glance, try to communicate via pictures and graphics. Pictures usually create visual appeal and also enable you to describe the atmosphere and experience of the picnic event people are going to have.

Give your contact details:

Never forget to give your multiple contact details so that those who are interested in attending the event can contact you and reserve their seats.

Sample Picnic Flyer Template